Vancouver, BC, February 14, 2022 – BCM Resources Corporation (TSX-V: B), the "Company," is pleased to announce that Diamond Drilling intercepted new porphyry Cu-Mo mineralization at the Thompson Knolls (“TK”) project in southwestern Utah.


  • Hole TK3a has documented blebby chalcopyrite-molybdenite mineralization at a 666m downhole depth (see photo 1, see company presentation on BCM Resources website).
  • At 833m, TK3a has encountered intensely silicified qmp with sub-vertical massive pyrite-chalcopyrite D-veinlets (photo 6).
  • Hole TK3a is still in progress, assays are pending.

Progress update

Drilling is continuing at the Thompson Knolls (TK) project, Utah, USA with hole TK3a in progress. TK3a is being drilled vertically a projected depth of ~1,097m. Here is a breakdown of what the hole has encountered:

  • After cutting a fanglomerate to 429m, drilling encountered an intensely fractured & oxidized, altered, quartz-monzonite porphyry (qmp) intrusive (textures destroyed, feldspars altered to clay). Local (rare) thin quartz-molybdenite B-veinlets are found in the intrusive fragments
  • At 507m downhole, a dolomite skarn was intersected with continuous intense oxidation of numerous randomly oriented (chlorite and iron oxide) veins and veinlets.
  • From 573m depth a qmp intrusive (no significant oxidation) with obvious pyrite/chalcopyrite/molybdenite veinlets was encountered
  • At 666m blebby chalcopyrite mineralization in quartz-molybdenite veinlets was documented (photo 1 and 2). The veinlets are dominantly subvertical - very few are captured by vertical drilling
  • At 725m, drilling started intersecting a mineralized stock-work with numerous veinlets carrying molybdenite-chalcopyrite mineralization (photos 3, 4 and 5)
  • At 748 m potassic alteration increases and K feldspar forms salvages in quartz veinlets
  • At 857m the drillhole encountered intensely silicified qmp with sub-vertical massive pyrite-chalcopyrite D-veinlets (photo 6).

“I am very pleased that recent drilling at the TK3a drillhole confirmed the presence of copper mineralization indicating that the BCM Resources team discovered a new, raw, copper-molybdenite system in Southwest Utah. Presence of copper mineralization increases in the northwestern direction. We are excited about this new discovery, and we are looking forward to new additional exploration at the northwestern flank of Thompson Knolls.” Dr. Sergei Diakov, President.

Currently, the drill hole is at depth of 877m and advancing steadily through a mineralized qmp with quartz-sericite-pyrite and potassic alteration accompanied by intense silicification. Drilling continues to encounter some fault zones within the intrusive (faulting and silicification slow down drilling progress).

In summary, TK quartz monzonite porphyry carries molybdenum mineralization over a +304m interval (from 573m to 877m down hole). Besides visual molybdenite, visual copper mineralization has been identified from 664m downhole as pyrite-chalcopyrite-molybdenite veinlets and disseminated mineralization. Copper mineralization is gradually increasing in the interval over +213m. Both copper and moly mineralization continue as drilling advances deeper.

Based on the limited drilling results obtained from 5 drillholes so far (note that two of them are virtually twins to previous unfinished drillholes), it is interpreted that the intensity of copper mineralization at the TK project appear to be increasing in the northwestern direction indicating a possible location of the main copper mineralization of the TK mineralized system. This concept will be tested by additional three drillholes in the northwesterly flank of the project. The permit for these drill sites is virtually complete.

TK is located approximately 200 kms southwest of Rio Tinto’s giant Bingham Canyon porphyry copper-molybdenum-gold mine and smelter complex near Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Company’s Director, Mr. Richard R. Redfern, M.Sc., and Certified Professional Geologist, a 'qualified person' for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101, has verified and approved the information contained in this news release.

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