BCM Resources Corporation (TSX-V: B) has completed additional sampling on the Shan property located 20 kilometres northeast of Terrace, BC. These results, combined with data released October 2, 2006, support the existence of a broadly mineralized area 800 by 500 m with important high grade mineralization in the southwestern zone, untested in earlier exploration programs.

All samples from the second round were located in the previously untested southwestern zone, and will be followed up with a diamond drill program in October.

These second round surface samples include:

type width
type width
SH-118 chip 3 0.081 SH-141 chip   0.007
SH-119 chip 3 0.082 SH-142 chip   0.002
SH-120 chip 3.5 0.101 SH-143 chip   0.002
SH-121 chip 2 0.131 SH-144 chip 1.7 0.001
SH-122 chip 3.3 0.050 SH-145 float   0.113
SH-123 chip 2.5 0.079 SH-146 chip   0.148
SH-124 chip 1.8 0.031 SH-147 float   0.023
SH-125 chip 4.3 0.024 SH-148 chip   0.032
SH-126 chip 3.5 0.046 SH-149 chip   0.029
SH-127 chip 2.25 0.060 SH-150 sub-crop   0.014
SH-128 chip 1.8 0.105 SH-151 float   0.075
SH-129 recce chip   0.022 SH-152 chip   0.047
SH-130 sub-crop grab   >0.2% SH-153 float   >0.2%
SH-131 sub-crop grab   0.031 SH-154 float   0.006
SH-132 sub-crop grab   0.006 SH-155 chip   0.046
SH-133 sub-crop grab   0.036 SH-156 chip 2.4 0.000
SH-134 sub-crop grab   0.006 SH-157 chip 2 0.001
SH-135 recce chip   0.017 SH-158 SC   0.001
SH-136 float   0.001 SH-159 chip   0.001
SH-137 sub-crop grab   0.035 SH-160 float   0.000
SH-138 float grab   0.009 SH-161 sub-crop   0.005
SH-139 float grab   0.093 SH-162 sub-crop   0.007
SH-140 chip channel 2.2 0.039 SH-163 sub-crop   0.021

SH-123 to SH-127 are contiguous samples taken from an embankment. With two samples over 0.2% Mo, five samples in the 0.1-0.2% range, and six samples in the 0.05-0.1% range, these results are highly encouraging and form the basis for the preliminary drill program.

Qualified Person
Lindsay Bottomer P.Geo., who is a Qualified Person as defined in NI 43-01, has reviewed the technical content of this news release. The surface sample assays were done at ACME Analytical Laboratories Ltd.

Dale McClanaghan
President & CEO

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