Thompson Knolls


BCM Resources Corp. (“BCM”) owns a 100% interest in the flagship Thompson Knolls Project, a drill-ready copper-molybdenum-gold-silver property  located in central Utah's Great Basin, one of the premier metallogenic provinces in the world (and referred to herein as the “Property”, “Thompson Knolls Property” or “Thompson Knolls” ). The Thompson Knolls Property is located in Millard County, Utah and comprises 194 federal unpatented lode mining claims and two State Section Leases, totaling 4,890 acres (1,979 ha).

Thompson Knolls is named after a pair of small knolls in the valley located on the west side of the Confusion Range, south of Highway 6-50. BCM has divided the area into two main targets, Thompson Knoll (“TK”) on the north, and Discovery Knoll (“DK”) to the south. Historic shallow rotary RC drilling was conducted in both target areas between 1991 and 1996 by Crown Resources and Centurion Mines Corp., who discovered locally metamorphosed middle Paleozoic marbles and one hole at DK that intersected locally high-grade copper-gold-silver mineralization including 21.6 grams per tonne Gold over 3 metres. This led to the exploration concept that porphyry copper-gold systems could be present at Thompson Knolls. This concept was subsequently validated by BCM’s drilling at TK. This Cu-Au-Ag-Mo porphyry mineralization has been dated using U-Pb and Re-Os methods by BCM as being Jurassic in age.

The Confusion Range is known for numerous outcropping gold-bearing jasperoids, including at the King’s Canyon prospect to the north of Thompson Knolls, where 200,000 ounces of gold were drilled out in the 1990s. Other mineralized areas in the vicinity include the Silver Dream Mine, Road Canyon (Echo Bay drilling), and Boob's Canyon.

Favorable Features

Mineralized structures at the King’s Canyon gold resource trend SW towards the Thompson Knolls area while structures at Boob's Canyon, Silver Dream Mine and Road Canyon trend NW into the Discovery Knoll area. Most of the known mineralization in the Confusion Range consists almost exclusively of disseminated pluton-centric Carlin-style low-grade gold, but mineral occurrences on the west side of the range at Boob's Canyon and the Silver Dream Mine include high-grade silver, and are younger than the inferred porphyry copper-gold mineralization, possibly 17 Ma in age. A USGS-flown magnetic survey showed a mag high, atop a porphyry system in the TK target area. This mag high has long been considered to be the intrusive that provided the heat and fluids for the mineralization in this part of the Confusion Range.

Work Overview

Work to date has consisted of historic mapping, sampling, ground-mag, and IP surveys. More recent gravity-, drone magnetics- and AMT surveys were completed by BCM. A total of 10 core holes have been completed at TK to date. Phase 3 core drilling in the TK target area is currently underway, and drilling of the 11th hole is in progress with TK-14. A new Plan of Operations for Phase 4 drilling at TK and Phase 1 drilling at DK has been filed with the BLM and Utah DOGM, and BCM is awaiting its approval.

Figure 1. Map of Previously Drilled and Proposed Drillholes, TK Project

Figure 1.  Map of Prevously Drilled and Proposed Drillholes, TK Project